Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Instant Soup!!!

Since today I was oh so very naught and went to Taco Bell for some cheap and fast vegan grub I have decided to blog about my favourite convenience food!! Oh instant soup how I love thee!!!! Yes that sounds a little obsessive but its awesome stuff. They even have instant vegetarian chili and rice and beans. It has provided many a nutritious meal for my lazy stomach. So just give instant soup a try, I know you will love it.


  1. Hey! I've seen you posting around the ppk and clicked on your blog, good job! Veganism can be pretty difficult at times so I'm glad to see you putting in a good effort =] I also come from southern Ontario, and I'm hoping we get more vegans popping up around here so we could do like a sweet ontarian veg*an meetup sometime.

  2. Hey Krista
    Sorry for not getting back to you sooner it has been a busy couple of months! Have and ontario meet up sounds like and awesome idea. If your still interested pm me on the ppk