Friday, October 2, 2009

Sick Soup and Beans

Well as you can tell from the title i am still ill which meant another day home from school and in my bed. Today's soup is my very favourite and was made by my Nana. It's butternut squash soup with a little bit of maple syrup which makes it just lovely. Boy do I love my Nana!!

Now their is a story behind these simple but delicious beans. This past summer I was in Portugal for three weeks with my Nana and my great grandma. So on the last night before we left we went to the restaurant in our little town and the lady their cooked up these amazing beans which were served over rice. They were the best thing I ate the whole time I was in Portugal!!! So these beans are my great grandma's re-creation of them. They tasted exactly the same and were totally awesome!!

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